Dr. Benita J. Anderson

Dr. Benita J. Anderson

Founder and CEO, STRETCH Educational Training and Support

Strategies for Effective Remote/Hybrid Instruction and Assessment

Classroom Management and Student Engagement Strategies


Calming Strategies and Mindfulness Activities for Students AND Teachers

Increasing Teacher AND student Social Emotional Learning Competence

Dr. Anderson utilizes her lively upbeat demeanor and active presentation style, along with her 25+ years experience as a public school teacher and administrator to inform, train, and engage educators at all levels.  Her training and speaking topics remain fluid and are updated continuously to meet the changing needs of schools and specifically address the impact of COVID on education.  She continuously builds her skills and knowledge through research, remaining abreast of trends and updates, and customizing each professional development session to address the school’s specific needs.    Her mission is to provide training and support for educators at all levels through in-person presentations and training sessions, as well as on digital platforms.

As founder and CEO of Setting Trends and Redefining Education Through Creativity and Habit, (STRETCH), Dr. Anderson models research-based strategies to conduct intentional, interactive and focused training sessions.  Click on TESTIMONIALS to see what educators are saying about Dr. STRETCH’s training sessions.






  • Experienced Educator/Administrator
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
STRETCH Educational Training and Support