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Stress (defined by COVID19):  What teachers, students and families experience when the education aspect of their world is turned upside down by a pandemic. 

The reality is:  We are ALL experiencing trauma at some level right now.  Are you exhausted and burned out at the end of your  teaching day?  Are you seeking strategies for keeping your students engaged and motivated remotely?  Is “school at home” driving your students crazy?

Join us to learn and practice some on-the-spot simple, yet effective, strategies and movements–seated or standing–that can serve to calm the environment, re-engage, bring your class back together following a video clip or group activity, close out class, increase self-awareness, etc.  These activities not only teach social emotional skills for students, but also bring the teacher to a place of calm during stressful periods throughout the school day.

The activities are excellent for the remote environment.  Many teachers have found that intentionally and routinely opening class daily with a mindfulness activity has resulted in improved attendance and punctuality.

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